The War In Ukraine Kyiv Diaries

K-2. Removal of the mine barrier.
In this video , we want to show how our boys and girls remove an enemy mine barrier.
A short video , but with a long preparation for the task and a bright finale.
Drones in our battalion are not only for aerial reconnaissance and correction ,
but also for dropping ammunition , remote demining , removing mine obstacles and performing other tasks.
Therefore, there are never too many drones in modern warfare.
And our pilots know how to perform tasks of any complexity , and most importantly - to cause death to enemies.
This work was created based on real events to document a turning point in the history of Ukraine.

The official channel of the K-2 combat group of the 54th separate mechanized brigade.
Here we will publish video evidence of our fight against enemies !
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When will the war end ?
Interview with Kirill Veres.
The K-2 battalion has been participating in hostilities in the Siver direction for six months.
A unit commander talks about how he chooses the men who carry out the most difficult tasks ,
what he thanks his enemies for and when the war will end.

But he admits they need far more and in addition must develop new types as they are so generally shot down or jammed by electronic weapons.

Nevertheless, a discoloration could be found within the plane’s unique, round rotodome over its fuselage that could be damage. That discoloration wasn’t found Ukrainian War Drone Footage in earlier images with the aircraft for the air base. The Maxar picture also confirmed what appeared to be cars near the airplane as well.

Along with the Americans are hurrying in new technologies built to give early warning of approaching drone swarms, to improve Ukraine’s likelihood of bringing them down, with everything from gunfire to missiles.

Including into the defenders’ woes: The Ukrainian hero from the war’s early months, the Turkish-created Bayraktar TB-2 laser-guided, bomb-dropping drone, happens to be fewer effective from the experience of denser Russian air and electronic defenses in eastern Ukraine. It was the star of many a patriotic Ukrainian video.

But American intelligence officers later concluded that the aircraft likely proved a bonanza for Iranian drone designers, who could reverse engineer the craft.

Hence the need for Superior drones that can survive radio interference and GPS jamming and depend upon satellite communications and other systems for Regulate and navigation.

“But we have to defer to them, given that we can’t be there and find out it for ourselves or account for it for ourselves.”

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The drone didn't cause any damage, Vorobyov claimed, but it really likely focused “a civilian infrastructure object.”

Because the time has just gone 6pm in Kyiv, the money of Ukraine, here is a roundup of today’s developments inside the war in the country.

Budanov explained that there was little probability of Vuhledar in the Donbas area, that has been the website of the long-time period tank battle, being captured. He additional that he didn’t Assume Russians were planning to intensify or start offensive functions on the frontline.

CNN is just not reporting the id of the deceased journalist to the time being to permit time for Ukrainian authorities to inform his next of kin.

Zelenskyy famous that the country faces a “colossal undertaking” to revive hundreds of A huge number of damaged web sites, like “total cities, industries, productions.”

Belarusian activists supporting Ukraine alleged that the aircraft was significantly damaged. Russian and Belarusian officials did not comment on the statements.

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